One girl's love affair with all things beautiful

September Showers

One thing my Mom and I have in common is our love and appreciation of beautiful flowers.  My Bridal Shower was this past September and it was put together by my Sister, Best Friends, Mother, and Mother-in-Law….I’m very blessed to have such fabulous women in my life! Amongst other gorgeous details (signature cocktails in mason jars & hand sewn bunting!) were these to die for flower arrangements that my Mom created.

*All Photos Taken by  Bring to Light Photography*

The arrangements really added such a special feel to the day.  Many of the Greens my Mom actually picked from my yard that morning  which really added to that garden look. Flowers included pink Dinner Plate Dahlias, Fall Pee Gee Hydrangea, Roses, Lisianthus, and Red Amaranthus.


A Quiet Day Off

I spent my day off resting in my pj’s and sipping tea from the couch with my laptop and celeb mags. Bowser spent the day Cuddling in his favorite bed.

A Garden Inspired Arrangement

I’ve been sick and house bound this weekend, and my sweet Husband brought me home a variety of blooms from the flower shop yesterday to cheer me up, and  give me something to do!  I made this arrangement with Wedding Centerpieces in mind.  I really like an eclectic, garden inspired arrangement and I think this one would be lovely  at any wedding table from the sweet and simple to polished and elegant.


This arrangement is made up of Cream Roses, Baby Hydrangea, bits of Green Dianthus, Seeded Eucalyptus as well as  Spiral Eucalyptus.  I’ve been playing with my Camera more lately and there was beautiful light today.  It’s a resolution of mine (one of many!) to take more pictures  and get more familiar with my SLR Camera this year – I was happy with how these turned out.

West Coast Love

I was in beautiful Seattle this past June staying at the Inn at the Market which is directly across from the famous Pike Place Market, and conveniently next door to the very first Starbucks ever. The views were gorgeous (hello Peugeot sound and Mount Rainier)  But for me,  best of all were the endless rows of gorgeous flowers, and I was in luck! June is after all, peony season! The market was unbelievable – flowers and seafood to die for.

It’s nice to reminisce about those fabulous Summer trips in the middle of January!

A little bit of Sunshine

I put this happy yellow arrangement together not too long ago – it’s nice to have a bright pop of color around the house during these dreary Winter months. A few yellow Sunflowers, Golden Roses, and farm greens was all it took!

I tend to want to stay in and snuggle with blankets, my Husband and pup when Winter rolls around, so I need a little indoor sunshine!

an arrangement a day

keeps me smiling!  (not really every day)  But I’ve been on a kick throwing together a simple arrangement to keep in the house.

Simple cream roses, seeded eucalyptus, rosemary, and dahlia buds made a sweet and aromatic arrangement  that should last the week.

A Winter Barn Wedding

We have made a few exciting decisions over the past few weeks….our Venue has been booked and our date has been set! This coming December Mike and I will be tying the knot at the Race Brook Lodge in Western MA. We are so very excited. The Lodge boasts a beautiful old barn for our reception,  an on site tavern to do the Catering and host an after party, as well as beautifully rustic lodging for our dearest friends and family.

An eclectic four season porch will host our Ceremony and rehearsal dinner – aglow with a roaring fire.

What do you all think? I’m so excited to have such a big piece of the puzzle taken care of. More time to relax, have fun and sort out the fun little details!


DIY Floral Inspiration

Can you tell how much  I love football by the fact that I’m blogging about flowers smack in the middle of the Superbowl? I’d much rather be surfing through Wedding stuff while the boys occupy the couches.

I am in love with this Wedding Table set up. It’s absolutely perfect.

The simplicity lends it’s self to a DIY project nicely which we are hoping to do for our Reception. I love the rich shades of pinks and the hobnail mercury glass vases are to die for. Any one know where I can find these in bulk??

Winter not so Wonderland

It’s going to snow again tomorrow in to Thursday (allegedly).  Really don’t think our little house can handle too much more of this weather.

Hope everyone out there is surviving this brutal winter.  If it snows again this weekend, I’ll be holed up inside with lots of blankets, wine and wedding mags!

Modern Holiday Decor

Sometimes around the holidays all the red and green and gold can be overkill.  How about this black and white oil cloth for a modern twist on a Holiday table cloth?

*image via bloomsburystore*

You can even purchase this by the meter, so no matter how big (or small) of a table your holiday feast will reside on, you can make sure it’s stylish!